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The Awakening approach addresses the universal process of becoming more conscious, a focus on spiritual maturation. With compassion and heart, I assist clients in understanding their soul history, the karmic patterns which shape our lives. An “evolutionary” approach, reincarnation is assumed. Like an acorn which develops into a tree, we all start out in a spiritual childhood, which is universal and beautiful. However, if we are all prone to creating certain habits and patterns which can keep us tethered to the past. I structure the consultation as a meaningful journey through these patterns and suggest many practical ways to address the dynamics. I give voice to the potentials which become available as we awaken into our soul selves. I’m a friend on the path who focuses on the big picture, the major existential questions we all address. I assist clients in seeing life from the spiritual perspective an astrology chart outlines. I am honored to serve as a communicator of this sacred knowledge.

Emotional Depth & Spiritual Reach

Astrology consultations reveal the deepest levels of self-understanding. By taking an evolutionary approach, which assumes that the soul learns and develops through successive lifetimes, much more is grasped in the chart layout. We are able to understand why we have a specific attunement to nature, not just how we are. The astrology chart is a unique and dynamic combination of strengths and challenges which provide the perfect opportunities for learning and growth. It is the responsibility (and joy!) of each individual to learn to consciously integrate and express the chart in order to be centered, healthy, and effective. My approach is to address and honor all levels: the psychological and the spiritual — the emotional as well as matters on the ground. Though there is a spiritual context to this approach, I have many years of counseling experience and my work is rooted in everyday realism.

It’s Your  Consultation

I strive to meet clients where they are. My #1 priority is to be of maximal service and use to you. The consultation is a co-creative experience – you are welcome to say what you are looking for perspective or insight about: emotional processing, receiving information, or learning more about astrology starring your very own chart. To make the most of your experience, you can choose to have astrological jargon as part of the experience, or not, let me know your level of interest and comfort with it. Some clients find it helpful, while others find it distracting or confusing. Many clients send me a message detailing what they wish to achieve in the session. This is optional — others bring their questions and thoughts to the consultation.

My fee is $90/hr for all services. I have expertise in both geocentric and heliocentric astrology, exploration of current activity (transits, progressions, solar arcs, etc.) relationship astrology, locational astrology, and more. If you are interested in something else, feel free to contact me about your needs, and I’ll see what I can do. Below are the standard options to choose from. To order, simply email (or call 828 231-4227) to say you are interested, and we will work out the details. Or you can place an order on the Store page, and I will promptly contact you to schedule the appointment.

Astrology consultations can be done either by phone, Skype, Face Time, FB Messenger, or in-person in the New Haven, CT area. With any of these ways, you’ll get a recording of the session. Physical copies of all charts discussed will also be provided. I find a way to work with everyone interested. Sliding scale and different payment options can be available. The fees listed are all-inclusive (my prep time, the session, recording, charts, & follow-up questions).


New clients are encouraged to select the In-Depth Chart Analysis, the main service I offer. Astrological Counseling is for those who are seeking perspective or counseling about life matters — it is not a conventional “reading” or consult. Returning clients can select Charting the Course, which addresses the current activity to the chart. Synastry addresses the astrology between any 2 people. Heliocentric Astrology addresses the chart from the soul perspective. Locational astrology can be a separate consult, or it can also be fit into another (let me know if you want to explore that.)

In-Depth Chart Analysis:

A 2-hr consultation split into 2 parts: thorough discussion of the natal birth chart itself, and a review of current chart activity. There is plenty of time for both informational content as well as dialogue and process of the deeper meaning. There is a deep engagement with the astrological material and how it relates to your soul work. $180.00
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Astrological Counseling:

A 90 minute session specifically focusing on current and relevant issues for emotional and spiritual growth. I use the astrology to attain a bird’s-eye perspective and bring the information to inform our discussion. Together we strategize as to how best meet life’s challenges. $135.00
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Charting the Course:

A 90 minute session addressing current activity affecting the birth chart (mainly transits, progressions, solar returns). What are the most pressing current evolutionary lessons? What is the optimal way to proceed? Whereas astrological counseling is strictly process, this consult has more of an informational bent too. This option is appropriate for returning clients to get updates after an initial consultation, and I recommend once a year. $135.00
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A 2-hr consultation addressing the energetic relationship between any two people (including the composite chart, which details the themes and dynamics of the relationship itself as a 3rd entity). Not exclusively for intimate partners, it’s relevant for any two people who are interested in understanding their energetic dynamics. There is a condensed account of both individuals natal chart in the first part, then the relationship piece in the 2nd. I prefer to work with both members of a pairing. $180.00
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Heliocentric Astrology:

Almost all astrology is from the geocentric perspective and addresses the resolution of personality/egoic matters. We can also look at one’s energetic attunement from the soul perspective. This is a 90 minute consultation which focuses on the heliocentric chart, what the universe is manifesting through you. It will also address some activity to your heliocentric chart. $135.00
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Locational Astrology:

An hour session exploring one’s energetic attunement in various places on the globe. You provide a list of places you’d like to look at, and I’ll provide information on how your natal chart is accentuated there. There are no “good” or “bad” places with this approach, rather, we look at the unique lessons which become highlighted through location. I do encourage a sound understanding of the natal chart itself to have a deeper understanding of what becomes manifest through location. Please select the in-depth option for that, and location can be included. For just the locational piece, choose this option. $90.00
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