Astrology of Awakening Volume 1

The Astrology of Awakening Volume 1

a_of_a_lgThe Astrology of Awakenings series begins with an examination of the underlying principles and mindset which informs astrological inquiry. We inhabited a far different world centuries and millennia ago when astrological tenets were established. With Saturn as the farthest known planet, the overarching structure has historically been within separation consciousness. Furthermore, we thought the Earth was at the center of the universe, mirroring the egoic focus we’ve inherited.

The outer planets were discovered in the last few centuries and their transpersonal scope are ready to be more fully integrated into the system. By so doing, we shift astrology by supporting spiritual evolution rather than assisting the personality in its efforts for self-gain or personal advantage. This advancement is consistent with the times we live in. All over the planet we see efforts towards a more collaborative approach, suggested reforms for our political and economic institutions to be more conscious and selfless, and a deep yearning in the collective for an authentic spirituality to guide us. How can astrology participate in this giant leap of evolution? The Astrology of Awakening puts forth sensible reforms and adaptations consistent with the awakening taking root across the planet.
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  • Instead of judging the various parts of the astrology system in terms of potential benefit, we can see all facets of the system for their evolutionary value.
  • As we are “souls having human experiences” the transpersonal is emphasized. All of the planets are explored in terms of spiritual connection.
  • Discussion on the ego — how it may hinder spiritual realization, but ultimately serve as a vessel for it. We are creating a “sacred marriage” between our autonomy (ego) and Oneness.
  • Review of the Patriarchal Value System which has dominated Western consciousness for millennia. How has it influenced astrology, and what can we do about it?
  • Discussion of our tendency for viewing life dualistically and how that inhibits Oneness. We can partner the relativistic lower mind (Mercury), with the transpersonal mind (Uranus) and refresh our perceptions. A spiritual paradigm to complement the conventional is offered.
  • Central in the new paradigm is how we understand the Sun itself. Instead of looking at it in purely self-oriented ways (personality, ego), our life energy and vitality is our spiritual essence. We are awakening to find that our energy connects us to all of life — it’s not all about “me.”
  • Integration with the world’s wisdom traditions, teachings from awakened masters, and The Perennial Philosophy.
  • Thorough discussion of the evolution of consciousness: the various levels in how we approach astrology, and how astrology itself is developing through these levels.
  • The Uranus/Pluto square, the astrology of 12/21/12, awakening in culture, Heliocentric Astrology, and much more!
“Will astrology be ready to participate in the emerging new paradigm? In The Astrology of Awakening, Eric Meyers invites us from an astrology which orbits around ego towards a truly transpersonal perspective. Our ideas about this ancient art are transformed by a Copernican revolution. With key insights on every page, this is one of the most important books on astrology in decades.”

—Armand Diaz, Ph.D., author of Integral Astrology