Client Testimonials

“Eric combines a razor-sharp mind, years of devoted study and exploration, direct communication, a spiritual perspective, and a heart of gold. A reading with him is a glorious investment in your self-awareness and biggest growth potentials. Highly recommended.” —Josh

“Working with you was fabulous — I’m incredibly grateful. It’s amazing how you can translate all of this and bring that information through! My heart is just bursting at the way in which how pure, and clear and awake you are, so the delivery of the information feels sooo good. Thank you so much.” —Anne-Marie

“I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for the reading I had with you. I have listened to my cd about 5 times now and it’s been a treat! I keep getting more and more nuggets and am also able to hear the questions from a different perspective, a deeper and more conscious perspective. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents. You are a light!” —Valerie

“The reading you gave me has been invaluable. You’re work has been sooo helpful in giving me direction, and navigating my life. I’ve had my chart done various times, but your perspective opens a whole new world of astrology that I really really resonate with, that I find really accurate. I appreciate and am grateful for your work.” —Ramses

“Words don’t adequately express the gratitude i am feeling for astrologer Eric Meyers and the reading i just had with him. His wisdom, grace, skill and gifts as an astrologer totally blow me away each time I have a reading — SO deeply helpful, applicable and healing. DOOOOO contact him for a reading!” —Merryl

“I just wanted to thank you so much for the work you do, you have an amazing ability for sure, not only in reading my chart, but in inspiring me to trust deeply in my own heart. I really took your advice, and put myself out there. I am so grateful, and feel such a sense of deep love and appreciation of the work you do, and for the person you are.” —Terry

“Eric Meyers is a master. Every Fall, I get a reading and he points out the truth of where I’m headed, how to avoid pitfalls, and how to orient myself for the greatest possible medicine of my year. He tells it like it is, without frills and I trust him completely. He’s prepared me well for some of the most difficult and many of most wonderful experiences of my life. Gift yourself with a reading!” —Indigo

“I have listened to our recording a second time and I am absolutely blown away by how accurate every word is. It truly seemed like you KNOW ME better than many people I have spent a lifetime with! Really incredible. It was wonderful affirmation and inspiration that it is okay to just trust and follow my heart and enjoy the journey I am on. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your passion and knowledge with me – it was an amazing, unforgettable experience!” —Kristi

“Thank you so so much for your care-filled, thorough and wise consult this afternoon — what an affirming and true reflection back of my spirit’s journey. It was also extremely helpful and hopeful to understand some of my recent struggle in the context of my soul evolution. Thank you for the beautiful work you offer to the world!” —Aimee

“I feel very grateful, and encouraged, by our time together. I appreciate you giving me a wide perspective, a further opening and awakening in my life to experience. I feel that your engagement with me has been a reflection of my soul. The 2hrs went by so fast, I want more! I feel excited to connect again and go deeper.” —Raphael

“What I love about your readings is that you really get to the deepest point, with a lot of insight. You get to the simple pure truth of the matter. That’s rare in an astrologer, and I appreciate it. Thank you.” —Dana

“I feel as if I’ve been given a map to my life, as well as permission to be me. It is such an amazing feeling — what you do is phenomenal. I may not know you well, but I feel proud of you for your work and what you are doing for astrology. I picked up your book again last night, able to see it from a much broader perspective. I couldn’t put it down! I definitely think you should get out there and speak. Promote your book, keep writing, sharing, teaching… Thank you, thank you, thank you…” —Shanan

“I have used Eric’s astrological consultation skills many times over the last few years and have found his insights to be very helpful and empowering as I have navigated through the complexities of life, relationships and work. Eric’s work at all times has been concise, eloquent, compassionate and supportive, and has truly assisted me in understanding and appreciating my soul’s evolution and growth. I would highly recommend his services to all of those on a conscious evolutionary path.” —Sandra

“Eric – that was THE BEST astrology reading ever! You made it accessible, easy to understand and informative. Truly awesome. As I said at the end, you validated and affirmed so many things for me — Thank you! I am incredibly grateful. :) Have a great day!! Blessings and hugs.” —Martina

“Dear Eric: I so appreciate your ability to shine your unique hues of light on my path. You co-travel in ways I consider to be elegant and empowering. After today’s reading, my head isn’t packed with astrology jargon. Instead, my heart feels emboldened to enthusiastically engage in the transformational opportunities my current challenges represent.” —Kirk

“Thank you so much for everything. You’ve given me a lot to work with and already I feel I am experiencing life in a new and exciting way. It’s amazing how much of an internal shift I feel and how, as I shift my energy, people and things around me are responding. I expect this to only increase as I deepen and strengthen my commitment to my self, my soul. I really want to thank you for respecting me enough to be honest and challenging. I appreciate your candid yet compassionate approach and feel it’s exactly what I needed. Thank you!” —Erica

“I want to thank you again for our time in session. It was a really pivotal point for me and you gave me the great opportunity to focus on my Self. Your demeanor was caring and collected with a touch of heartfelt realism that lent the reading a balance of possibilities and understanding. What an incredible gift! Thank you, thank you, thank you.” —Madeline

“I am grateful that you were there to give me an alternative to the work that I was doing for so long in my life. You set me up with a specific plan to jump off into the unknown. I loved the encouraging pep-talk which pointed out new possibilities for my life, how I can be of service to my fellow human beings. Thank you for your most valuable perspective.” —Will

“You are very gifted in what you do, many lucky souls are those that have had the experience of working with you! Thank you again, I feel very grateful for such insight into my chart.” —Katie

“I really got all that you have told me. I awake ready to face what I need to do — I am ready to face into this. Your reading was and is so helpful in knowing what my soul has been wanting for a very long time. Knowing what is going on is like getting a key to the secret garden. I just can’t thank you enough for this knowledge you have given me. I think your reading was simply wonderful. I wish you great success with your book. I can’t imagine any thing else for you. Love and thanks.” —Lee