Seasons of the Moon Class

From Tuesday January 31, 2017  through March 14, I will be teaching an on-line class on the Moon.  Classes will be on 7 consecutive Tuesday’s beginning at 9pm Eastern (6pm Pacific) and last for 90 minutes each. I’ll be using the GoTo Meeting Room technology, which is easy and interactive. All you need to do is be able to arrive at a website and follow along.

The curriculum will address the Moon’s relationship to evolutionary growth. As the basin of absorbed experience which defines our personal stories, identifications and attachments, the Moon creates a cohesive inner self. Unquestionably necessary and important, the Moon may also keep us tethered to the past, to our spiritual childhood. Spiritual development proceeds through a process which is reflected in the seasons. We all go through a universal cycle of germination (winter), blossoming (spring), realization (summer) and letting go (autumn).

In particular the progressed Moon travels through this universal cycle over the period of 28 years, spending 7 years in each of the 4 seasons. Upon the entrance to any of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) we enter a new season. This class will provide insight to the process, feature many examples, and will be brought to direct application in participants’ charts.

Furthermore, the seasonal cycle is also evident in 2 other ways: 1) The Lunar Cycle, and 2) The Nodes of the Moon. There is a repetition and variation of the process in ways which also relate to our spiritual development and attunement to seasons. Below is a listing of the structure of the 7 classes.

1) The Moon, Progressions and Spiritual Growth
2) Seasons of the Moon Part 1
3) Seasons of the Moon Part 2
4) Tertiary Progressions — A Deeper Dimension
5) Seasons of the Nodes
6) Seasons of the Nodes Part 2
7) Seasons of the Lunar Cycle

It will be assumed that students know the very basics of the system, what the planets, signs, houses and aspects are. I will not spend much time explaining what Aries, or an opposition, is. This information can be found in any beginner textbook. This class is suitable for beginners who have some sense of the basics and want to develop their understanding of the Moon and its rhythms. It’s also suitable for more intermediate or advanced students who would like an additional tool in their astrological understanding. 


The cost of the class is $150 for the complete 7-class series. Students are expected to pay for the entire course, no drop-ins for a single class.  Please email to complete your registration. I’ll be creating a class email list to send you course materials and correspondence. You will have access to all of the 7 Power Point presentations that will be a part of this course, the syllabus, and important messages. Also, the classes will be recorded, so if you miss one, or would like to review them again, you’ll have that option.