Between Past & Presence

Between Past & Presence

between-p-pBetween Past & Presence: A Spiritual View of the Moon & Sun, establishes the core of what has become the Awakening approach. It is my most basic book, addressing the relationship between the Moon and Sun; their relevance to spiritual growth. Through exploring signs, houses, aspects, rulerships, nodes, cycles and eclipses, a new paradigm of the luminaries is offered. In short, spiritual growth is furthered by integrating awareness and vitality (Sun) into the depths of the unconscious (Moon). By resolving the past (Moon), we are able to be fully in the present (Sun).

This book is suitable for beginners and intermediate students as well as those who would like a concise exploration of the spiritual focus which guides this approach. The ideas are clarified with many chart examples and the book is an easy read.
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  • 1. Spiritual Photosynthesis

Milk of the Moon

  • 2. Moon Seeds: Inheriting the Heart
  • 3. The Moon in the Astrology Chart
  • 4. The Lunar Nodes: Chronicles of Lessons
  • 5. The Nodes in the Astrology Chart

Seasons of the Sun

  • 6. Sun Flowers: Becoming Whole
  • 7. The Sun in the Astrology Chart
  • 8. Bridging Old and New

Patterns of Light

  • 9. The Lunar Cycle
  • 10. Eclipses: Exposing the Gap
  • 11. Summation & Chart Examples
“A fresh and useful analysis of the brightest lights in the sky. Oftentimes it is easy to overlook what is most obvious, sometimes it’s worth an in-depth review. Between Past & Presence is a highly rewarding guided tour through the astrological Moon and Sun, bringing new perspectives to very familiar territory. The structure of the book is unique, the writing clear, and the information presented can help anyone – beginner to professional – in being a better astrologer.”

—Rick Levine, coauthor of Your Astrology Guide