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Chart your course, live your purpose

Welcome to Soul Vision Consulting. You will find information about my astrology services, books and classes. My name is Eric Meyers, M.A. — counseling astrologer, author and teacher. I appreciate you stopping by.

Astrology reveals a portrait of our potential, and I love assisting people in understanding and partnering with it.  We have access to life’s owner’s manual, though it is our job to “drive” consciously and in accordance with soul intentions. I have been an astrological counselor for almost 20 years now, and it’s my greatest joy in this world to support people in this way.

We are all learning to play our roles in this amazing theater of life, at this glorious time of possibility. We live at a crucial time, a turning point in the ages. Collectively, we are learning to live more consciously and in accordance with nature and our spiritual curriculums. The focus of my work is to support emotional and spiritual development, to play our roles most effectively.

My main interest and service is astrological consultations, and this site has more information.  I am also busy writing The Astrology of The Beatles, which has been a great passion of late. I invite you to browse around, sign up for my newsletter or send me an email. Many Blessings.

Eric Meyers, M.A.