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Elements and Evolution

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Soul Vision Consulting features the work and vision of Eric Meyers, M.A., counseling astrologer, philosopher, author and teacher. I offer services that address all levels of the human experience: body, heart, mind, and soul, which correspond to the elements of Earth, Water, Air & Fire. The elemental theme of this website acknowledges the importance of each of these realms.

The mission of Soul Vision Consulting is to assist clients in living most consciously, to awaken into new possibilities and to bring the inspiration of the spiritual into the realities of everyday life. This approach assists the releasing of unconscious and unhealthy patterns in order to live in the fullness of the eternal present. It promotes the claiming of the brightest, most empowered soul self.

I bring a variety of tools to this work:

  • Progressive soul-focused astrology
  • Counseling techniques aimed at getting to the heart of the matter
  • Innovative and creative books and writing
  • Interactive monthly astrology web show

I am an experienced and credentialed counselor who offers my work from a place of openness, gratitude, and respect for the beauty and complexity of psycho-spiritual growth. The astrological approach integrates with universal perspectives of spiritual evolution, the understanding of the progressive development of consciousness and a co-creative connection with the universe. The Solar System is seen through the lens of the 21st Century – an updated astrology most relevant for the modern spiritual seeker.

I have pioneered a new approach, one that reveals every person’s unique path of spiritual awakening. Like seeds maturing and blossoming, we are all growing into our fullness and soulful realization. We are on a thrilling adventure saturated with meaning, depth and a responsibility to grow. It’s my great honor to support this journey.

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