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Chart your course, live your purpose

Welcome to Soul Vision Consulting. You will find information about my astrology services, upcoming classes and events, and my latest book, The Astrology of Awakening Volume 2: Chart Application & Counseling. My name is Eric Meyers, counseling astrologer, author and teacher. I appreciate you stopping by.

The world is going through some growing pains, have you noticed? My sense is that we are collectively maturing into a “spiritual adulthood,” a shift in consciousness from self-gain and personality concerns to engaging our spiritual curriculums with openness and humility. Can we truly love and accept all of ourselves, our prior unconsciousness? Or do we continue to promote our own survival concerns, trying to make the best of it, limited in our soul cages?

Every one of us is further maturing into our more awake selves to play a role in this collective healing and expansion. Like seeds growing into flowers, the core of our spiritual blossoming is to secure a solid foundation of love. Then, we trust life and emerge confidently into our radiant soul selves.

Paralleling the collective shift unfolding around us is a similar shift in how we approach astrology itself. Today, we understand emotional development and our fragile humanness from the field of psychology. We have clearer maps detailing the progressive development of consciousness from our awakened masters. Science informs us about the uncertainty which underlies this existence, how our own psyches are co-creating our experience of reality. Our conception of this Solar System and the universe itself has vastly expanded in recent years. We are rapidly advancing — all of our paradigms and institutions are being challenged to keep up.

My calling is to put forth a progressive astrological approach detailing each person’s unique path of awakening. I have dedicated my life to clarifying how each of us can partner with this intelligent cosmos to more consciously play our roles in this amazing theater of life, at this glorious time of possibility. I invite you to check out my books and services, sign up for my newsletter or send me an email. Many blessings on your path.

Eric Meyers, M.A.